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$6.50 Huevos Rancheros

Fried eggs on a tortilla with ranchero sauce.

$6.50 Huevos a la Mexicana

Scrambled eggs with Mexican sauce.

$6.50 Huevos a la gringa

Scrambled eggs with potatoes.

$7.50 Huevos con chorizo

Scrambled eggs with Mexican sausage.

$7.50 Huevos con jamon

Ham & eggs.

$7.50 Huevos con tocino

Bacon & eggs.

$9.50 Huevos con machaca

Shredded beef and eggs.

$7.50 Spanish omelette

Topped with melted cheese.

$7.95 Chilaquiles verdes o rojos

Fried tortillas, melted cheese and green or red chile.

Breakfast Burrito

$5.50 Machaca Burrito

$4.50 Chorizo Burrito

$4.50 Bacon & Eggs, Cheese Burrito

$4.50 Potatoes Eggs Cheese Burrito

$4.50 Ham Eggs, Cheese Burrito

Lunch Specials $7.50

Enchilada de Queso

One cheese enchilada.

Chile relleno

One stuffed pepper.

Tamal de carne

One beef taco.

Taco de carne o pollo

One beef taco.

2 Taquitos rancheros

two crisp rolled tacos with guacamole.

Tostadas de pollo o res

Deep fried tortilla topped w/ meat, lettuce & cheese.

Sope de pollo o carne

Chicken or beef sope.

Burrito de chile verde o rojo

Red beef or green pork burrito.

Taco de pescado

One fish taco.

Enchilada de carne o gallina

One beef or chicken enchilada.

House Specials

$12.95 Banderillas de res

Beef shiskabob with tortillas.

$12.95 Bistec Ranchero

Ranch style Beefsteak w/ tortillas.

$12.95 Bistec y huevos

Beef steak & eggs w/ tortillas.

$12.95 Jimenez Specialty

Carne asada frijoles de la olla y tortillas.

$12.95 Fajitas de pollo o res

Chicken or beef fajitas w/ tortillas.

$14.95 Fajitas de camaron

Shrimp fajitas.

$11.95 Taco, enchilada y chile relleno

Beef taco, enchilada & stuffed pepper

$11.95 Tostada, enchilada y tamal

$11.95 Beef burrito, Chicken enchilada & Chile relleno

$10.50 Higado encebollado

Liver and grilled onions.

$10.95 Chuletas de puerco

Pork chops.

$11.95 Pollo Asado

Grilled chicken.


$12.95 Carne Asada y enchilada de queso

Carne Asada & enchilada with guacamole.

$12.95 Carne tampiqueña

Steak w/ onion, chile Ortega & guacamole.

$12.95 Steak picado

Steak chunks sauteed with bell peppers Onions and tomatoes.

$10.95 Carnitas

Deep fried pork.

$9.95 Two tacos al carbon

Two grilled steak tacos.

$9.95 Two tacos de carnitas

Two tacos stuffed with deep fried pork.

$9.95 Two sopes de pollo o res

Two beef or chicken sopes.

$9.95 Two tacos de carne asada

Two Steak tacos.

$9.95 Chile colorado

Beef in red chile sauce.

$9.95 Chile verde

Pork in green chile Sauce.

$9.95 Pollo a la mexicana

Chicken sauteed in onion, tomato & pepper.

$9.95 Gallina en mole

Chicken in dark exotic Mexican spices sauce.

$9.95 Chimichanga (beef or chicken)

Deep fried burrito.

$9.95 Ropa vieja

Beef in peppers, onion, red sauce & tomato.

$12.95 New York steak

Served w/ French fries, salad and guacamole.

$9.95 Tostada y enchilada

$9.95 Enchilada de carne y chile relleno

Shredded beef enchilada & stuffed pepper.

Combination Plates

$9.95 Enchilada y taco

$9.95 Chile relleno y tamal

$9.95 Tamal y taco

2 tacos de carne y guacamole

$9.95 Burrito rojo

Beef with red chile burrito.

$9.95 Burrito verde

Pork with green chile burrito.

$9.95 Burrito de carne deshebrada

Shredded beef burrito.

2 Enchilada de queso

Two cheese enchiladas.

2 chiles rellenos

Two stuffed peppers.

Mexican Specialties

$9.95 Flautas (estilo Juan Gabriel)

Rolled fried flour tortillas with beef or chicken with Guacamole or sour cream.

$9.95 Burrito especial

Shredded beef and salad.

$9.95 Burrito grande

Stuffed w/ pork, avocado & salad.

$9.95 Tostada Sonora

Topped w/ beef, pork or chicken.

Mariscos Seafood

$13.95 Camarones Costa Azul

Shrimps with bacon and cheese.

$12.95 Camarones al mojo de ajo

Shrimps sauteed in special garlic.

$12.95 Camarones a la plancha

Grilled Shrimps.

$12.95 Camarones rancheros

Mexican Shrimps ranch style.

2 Tacos de camaron o pescado

Two Shrimps or fish tacos.

$12.95 Camarones a la Jimenez

Shrimps with chipotle sauce & sour cream.

$12.95 Camarones empanizados

Breaded Shrimps.

$12.95 Caldo de camarones

A delicious Shrimps Mexican soup.

Regular $11.95 Large $13.95 Coctel de Camarones

$12.95 Enchiladas de Jaiba

A delicious original crabmeat enchiladas & sour cream.

$12.95 Mojarra Frita

Pan fried fish, french fries and salad.

$12.95 Caldo de pescado

Mexican fish soup with our special ingredients.

$12.95 Filete de pescado

Delicacy cooked fish fillets.

$14.95 Ostiones en su concha

Natural oysters in their shells.

$14.95 Campechana

Ostiones, pulpo y camarones.

$15.95 Caldo 7 mares soup

Seafood combination soup.

$15.95 Huachinango Frito

fried red snapper w/ french fries.

$12.95 Enchiladas de Camaron

Enchilada stuffed with shrimp.

$12.95 Camarones a la diabla

Shrimps topped with special spicy sauce.

More Casa Jimenez

$15.95 Filet mignon & shrimp

Served with potatoes, salad, guacamole, rice & beans.

$15.95 Guadalajara Special

Fillet mignon, onion, whole beans, quesadilla, potatoes guacamole & rice.

$14.95 Caldo de langostinos

Jumbo shrimp soup.

$16.95 Camarones aguachiles

12 large Shrimps

$4.95 Tostada de ceviche de Camaron

$13.95 Ceviche Bowl

Served 4 people.

A La Carte

$2.95 Tacos

Al Carbon Carne asada (steak) Carnitas (deep fried pork) Deshebrada (shredded beef) Gallina (chicken)

$3.95 Camaron Tacos

Shrimp Tacos

$3.95 Pescado Tacos

Fish Tacos

Ensaladas / Salads

$10.99 Camaron y Aguacate

Shrimp & avocado

$10.99 Jaiba y Aguacate

Crabmeat and avocado

$9.99 Pollo y Aguacate

Chicken & avocado

$4.50 House Salad

Cheese & Tomato

Side Orders

$1.00 Tortillas

two per order

$3.50 Tamal

Mexican Tamale

$3.50 Enchilada

$4.50 Chile Relleno

Stuffed pepper

$4.95 Tostada

Beef or chicken

Arroz o frijoles

rice or beans

$1.00 Queso Extra

Extra cheese

$1.00 Chips only

$2.50 Chips & salsa

$2.00 Extra carne o pollo

extra beef or chicken

$4.00 Side Guacamole

$1.00 Side Sour Cream

$3.50 Sope

$2.99 Ham, Bacon or French Fries