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Huevos Rancheros

Fried eggs on a tortilla with ranchero sauce.

Huevos a la Mexicana

Scrambled eggs with Mexican sauce.

Huevos a la gringa

Scrambled eggs with potatoes.

Huevos con chorizo

Scrambled eggs with Mexican sausage.

Huevos con jamon

Ham & eggs.

Huevos con tocino

Bacon & eggs.

Huevos con machaca

Shredded beef and eggs.

Spanish omelette

Topped with melted cheese.

Chilaquiles verdes o rojos

Fried tortillas, melted cheese and green or red chile.

Breakfast Burrito

Machaca Burrito

Chorizo Burrito

Bacon & Eggs, Cheese Burrito

Potatoes Eggs Cheese Burrito

Ham Eggs, Cheese Burrito

Lunch Specials $7.50

Enchilada de Queso

One cheese enchilada.

Chile relleno

One stuffed pepper.

Tamal de carne

One beef taco.

Taco de carne o pollo

One beef taco.

2 Taquitos rancheros

two crisp rolled tacos with guacamole.

Tostadas de pollo o res

Deep fried tortilla topped w/ meat, lettuce & cheese.

Sope de pollo o carne

Chicken or beef sope.

Burrito de chile verde o rojo

Red beef or green pork burrito.

Taco de pescado

One fish taco.

Enchilada de carne o gallina

One beef or chicken enchilada.

House Specials

Banderillas de res

Beef shiskabob with tortillas.

Bistec Ranchero

Ranch style Beefsteak w/ tortillas.

Bistec y huevos

Beef steak & eggs w/ tortillas.

Jimenez Specialty

Carne asada frijoles de la olla y tortillas.

Fajitas de pollo o res

Chicken or beef fajitas w/ tortillas.

Fajitas de camaron

Shrimp fajitas.

Taco, enchilada y chile relleno

Beef taco, enchilada & stuffed pepper

Tostada, enchilada y tamal

Beef burrito, Chicken enchilada & Chile relleno

Higado encebollado

Liver and grilled onions.

Chuletas de puerco

Pork chops.

Pollo Asado

Grilled chicken.


Carne Asada y enchilada de queso

Carne Asada & enchilada with guacamole.

Carne tampiqueña

Steak w/ onion, chile Ortega & guacamole.

Steak picado

Steak chunks sauteed with bell peppers Onions and tomatoes.


Deep fried pork.

Two tacos al carbon

Two grilled steak tacos.

Two tacos de carnitas

Two tacos stuffed with deep fried pork.

Two sopes de pollo o res

Two beef or chicken sopes.

Two tacos de carne asada

Two Steak tacos.

Chile colorado

Beef in red chile sauce.

Chile verde

Pork in green chile Sauce.

Pollo a la mexicana

Chicken sauteed in onion, tomato & pepper.

Gallina en mole

Chicken in dark exotic Mexican spices sauce.

Chimichanga (beef or chicken)

Deep fried burrito.

Ropa vieja

Beef in peppers, onion, red sauce & tomato.

New York steak

Served w/ French fries, salad and guacamole.

Tostada y enchilada

Enchilada de carne y chile relleno

Shredded beef enchilada & stuffed pepper.

Combination Plates

Enchilada y taco

Chile relleno y tamal

Tamal y taco

2 tacos de carne y guacamole

Burrito rojo

Beef with red chile burrito.

Burrito verde

Pork with green chile burrito.

Burrito de carne deshebrada

Shredded beef burrito.

2 Enchilada de queso

Two cheese enchiladas.

2 chiles rellenos

Two stuffed peppers.

Mexican Specialties

Flautas (estilo Juan Gabriel)

Rolled fried flour tortillas with beef or chicken with Guacamole or sour cream.

Burrito especial

Shredded beef and salad.

Burrito grande

Stuffed w/ pork, avocado & salad.

Tostada Sonora

Topped w/ beef, pork or chicken.

Mariscos Seafood

Camarones Costa Azul

Shrimps with bacon and cheese.

Camarones al mojo de ajo

Shrimps sauteed in special garlic.

Camarones a la plancha

Grilled Shrimps.

Camarones rancheros

Mexican Shrimps ranch style.

2 Tacos de camaron o pescado

Two Shrimps or fish tacos.

Camarones a la Jimenez

Shrimps with chipotle sauce & sour cream.

Camarones empanizados

Breaded Shrimps.

Caldo de camarones

A delicious Shrimps Mexican soup.

Coctel de Camarones

Enchiladas de Jaiba

A delicious original crabmeat enchiladas & sour cream.

Mojarra Frita

Pan fried fish, french fries and salad.

Caldo de pescado

Mexican fish soup with our special ingredients.

Filete de pescado

Delicacy cooked fish fillets.

Ostiones en su concha

Natural oysters in their shells.


Ostiones, pulpo y camarones.

Caldo 7 mares soup

Seafood combination soup.

Huachinango Frito

fried red snapper w/ french fries.

Enchiladas de Camaron

Enchilada stuffed with shrimp.

Camarones a la diabla

Shrimps topped with special spicy sauce.

More Casa Jimenez

Filet mignon & shrimp

Served with potatoes, salad, guacamole, rice & beans.

Guadalajara Special

Fillet mignon, onion, whole beans, quesadilla, potatoes guacamole & rice.

Caldo de langostinos

Jumbo shrimp soup.

Camarones aguachiles

12 large Shrimps

Tostada de ceviche de Camaron

Ceviche Bowl

Served 4 people.

A La Carte


Al Carbon Carne asada (steak) Carnitas (deep fried pork) Deshebrada (shredded beef) Gallina (chicken)

Camaron Tacos

Shrimp Tacos

Pescado Tacos

Fish Tacos

Ensaladas / Salads

Camaron y Aguacate

Shrimp & avocado

Jaiba y Aguacate

Crabmeat and avocado

Pollo y Aguacate

Chicken & avocado

House Salad

Cheese & Tomato

Side Orders


two per order


Mexican Tamale


Chile Relleno

Stuffed pepper


Beef or chicken

Arroz o frijoles

rice or beans

Queso Extra

Extra cheese

Chips only

Chips & salsa

Extra carne o pollo

extra beef or chicken

Side Guacamole

Side Sour Cream


Ham, Bacon or French Fries